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Are Sugar Flowers edible?

So often I hear the phrase "I can't believe they are edible!!" when people see the beautiful sugar flowers adorning my wedding cakes. This is something that I regularly hear when I am exhibiting at Wedding Fayres or when chatting with couples for the first time at their Cake Consultation. It struck me that this is one of those things that as a Cake Maker I just assumed people already knew about, but in fact unless you work with Sugar Flowers or have ever had them on a cake, why would you know this?? So in this short blog post I will explain how the flowers are made and why you really don't want to be eating them...

Handmade lilac and pink sugar roses with green foliage on a 3 tier wedding cake

Despite what the name suggests, sugar flowers are intended for decorative purposes only and are definitely NOT to be eaten. They are made with an edible paste which is designed to be rolled very thin to mimic the beautiful fine and delicate petals of a real flower. Once dried out, the flowers retain an almost porcelain finish which is incredibly delicate, so really not something you would enjoy eating either in taste or texture.

Sugar flower petals being frilled ready to turn into a sugar rose

Most sugar flowers begin life as a central bud of polystyrene which is attached to a florist wire. The individually cut petals are then attached to the bud with an edible glue to create the centre of the flower, while the wire supports the flower and eventually becomes the "stem". Flowers are created by layering each individual petal around the bud until a full bloom is created. This is a real labour of love and certain flowers such as Peonies and Dahlias can take many, many hours to create. For each flower, petals are cut, frilled, veined and shaped to create a flower that looks as realistic as possible to the real thing.

I love to create sugar flowers and it makes me very happy to know that the flowers I have created are treasured by it's recipients as a lasting keepsake of their special day. They are intended to be kept long after the cake has been cut, and if stored correctly, your sugar flowers will last for many, many years.

Beautiful handcrafted sugar flowers in pink and ivory on 3 tier wedding cake

Sugar flowers are best stored in an airtight container or lidded cardboard box and kept in a cool, dry place. A great tip is to add a Silica Gel Sachet inside the box to prevent moisture from spoiling your flowers, as moisture and humidity will soften them and make them brittle.

Flowers also take really well to being stored in a glass cabinet as the glass protects them from sunlight. Better still, why not make a beautiful display to hang on the wall by displaying them into a box frame!

All of my couples who order sugar flowers with their wedding cake receive a complimentary gift box to take their flowers home in. This protects the flowers on the journey home, ensuring they are kept safe, and also provides a safe place for the caterers to put the flowers in once they are removed from the cake. This is all part of my wedding cake service as I love to make the flowers and want to ensure that they are enjoyed for years to come!

I hope you found this post useful and I would love to know if you have any great tips for storing and showing off sugar flowers after your big day? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Donna x

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