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Wedding Cake Pricing Guide

Wedding cake prices are based on many factors, such as number of servings required, variety of flavours chosen, complexity of design and amount of sugar work required.

The prices below will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay; a final price will be provided after a full Consultation and the final design has been agreed.


Please note that the prices below do NOT include delivery and set up and this will be included within your quotation.  Mileage is charged at 50p per mile round trip 



Fondant Wedding Cakes

2 Tier Cake to serve approximately 60 - Average price between £425 - £550+

3 Tier Cake to serve approximately 70 - Average price between £475 - £600+

3 Tier Cake to serve approximately 95 - Average price between £500 - £670+

3 Tier Cake to serve approximately 120 - Average price between £530 - £750+

4 Tier Cake to serve approximately 130 - Average price between £645 - £850+

4 Tier Cake to serve approximately 165 - Average price from £665 - £900+

5 Tier Cake to serve approximately 210 - Average price from £800 - £1000+ 


Serving numbers are based on Finger Servings which are cut to 1" x 1" x 5"

If you wish to serve the Wedding Cake for Dessert, servings are 1" x 2" x 5" and your cake size 

would need to take this into consideration as slices are larger

Dessert Table Items and Sweet Treats

Decorated cupcakes from £3.50 each (minimum order of 24)

Decorated cookies from £4 each (minimum order of 20)

Cakesicles from £4 each (minimum order of 12)

Macarons from £1.80 each (minimum order of 24)

Biscuit Gift Boxes from £20

(Personalisation and Gift Wrapping are subject to additional charges)

Celebration & Event Cakes

Single Tier Fondant Cake to serve approximately 12 from £75+

Fresh Flowers for your cake


Should you choose to decorate your cake with fresh flowers, they are to be sourced directly from your Florist.  I will personally liaise with your florist to coordinate timings for collection of the cake flowers at the venue to apply to your cake on your wedding day.  Flowers and foliage stems will be taped and tightly wrapped prior to applying to your cake to provide a barrier between the stems and the cake to make as food safe as possible. The time taken to prepare your flowers will be taken into account as part of your set up cost and charged accordingly. I will not allow anyone other than myself to apply flowers to your cake. 

Cake Stands


To really showcase your Wedding Cake at the venue I have a range of cake stands available for hire.  There is a small fee of £15, plus a holding deposit of £50 - £100, depending on the replacement value of the cake stand, which will be returned to you once I receive the stand back in the condition in which it was hired to you. It is your responsibility to return the stand back to me within 7 days of hiring.  If there are any signs of damage or of the stand being in an unfit condition, I reserve the right to retain the full deposit to cover the cost of replacement.   


Delivery to your Venue

Due to the delicate nature of wedding cakes and sugar flowers, I will personally hand deliver and set your cake up at your venue.  Prior to your wedding I will liaise with your Wedding Coordinator at your Venue to ensure everything looks perfect when you walk into your venue and see your cake for the first time!  The cost of delivery and set up is based on 50p per mile for a round trip, plus the time taken to deliver and set up and this will be included within the final price of your cake.


Terms and Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions will be sent to you along with your Quotation

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